Radical Transformation
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Quadratos Hardcover Notebook and Sleeve

Quadratos Notebooks

A beautiful midnight blue cloth-covered notebook with a tough, tan slipcase.

The Quadratos Notebooks are 5.12” x 8.15” and come with lined paper. Big enough for everyday use, but small enough to carry around with you.

Swiss binding is a feat of paper engineering that allows every page in our Quadratos Notebooks to stay perfectly flat.

Radical Transformation Bookmark

Radical Transformation

2″ x 6″ premium, ultra-thick card stock with a glossy finish on both sides.

Radical Transformation Bookmarks Paths Set

Radical Transformation
Paths Bookmarks

2″ x 6″ premium, ultra-thick card stock with a glossy finish on both sides.

Returning From Camino

Returning From Camino 18" x 27" Poster with Mailing Tube

18" x 27" Poster
with Mailing Tube

This commemorative poster is a powerful piece of art work to hang in your home or office. Adorned with hues of blues, purple, gold and green, the image brings alive your Camino and reminds you that the journey continues. The many symbols in the print beckon you to deeper reflection. What story do you see here?

$32.00 + Tax & Shipping

Returning From Camino Remembrance Bands

Remembrance Bands
Set of 5

The color orange in some traditions is associated with energy, encouragement and determination. Whether you have physically walked the Camino, are a member of a Heart and Mind Community or on a personal journey of transformation, wear these bands as a reminder that you are on the path of Return. With a glance, remember your desire to enact new attitudes and behaviors (wisdom) and to serve Higher Self and others. Embossed with two phrases: ‘Return From Camino’ and ‘Wisdom & Power To Serve’.

$10.00 + Tax & Shipping

Returning From Camino Postcards

6" x 4" Postcards
Set of 3

Our postcards are designed with the thoughtful front cover of the book, “Return From Camino”. Vibrant in its presentation and color, the image calls to the heart and mind of every pilgrim on the road of transformation. What story do you see here? Printed on heavyweight stock with a sleek matte finish, our postcards make beautiful notes to send to friends and family, or a piece of art to frame, reminding, ‘Homecoming is not post-Camino.’

$10.00 + Tax & Shipping

Journey of Quadratos

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