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The Keys

Are you seeking a Christianity that is vital, practical and wise?

Do you feel excited by new ideas in faith and spirituality, only to find they lack depth with attempted use?

Do you want traditions that are both fresh and time-tested?

If you're a 'yes' to these questions, you are not alone.

Signup for the Quadratos e-Letter, and receive your free copy of The Keys, an important excerpt from Alexander's seminal book, Heart and Mind: Second Edition. Every great work needs an equally great blueprint. The Keys reveals a rediscovered blueprint for reimagining ourselves as Christians. We are excited you are here - let's get to work.

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Invite to Speak

Alexander travels internationally for keynote addresses, lecturing, and conducting workshops, retreats, and advanced trainings.

Topics include:

  • The four-gospel journey of transformation
  • Equanimity in trying days
  • Meditation
  • Lectio divina
  • Rites of initiation
  • Gateway to Oneness: cosmic and contemporary restoration of our ancient Easter
  • The eight essential practices to renew spirituality today
  • Walking the Mystical Camino

For more information and invitations, please contact:

Quadratos Office
(404) 954-0404 (calling from outside the US, please add +1)

Alexander J. Shaia