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The fourth path makes it possible for all our childhood dreams - and our adult hopes and aspirations - to become realities.

  • Alexander J. Shaia


    Through the Quadratos Blog you will find reflections on upcoming Sunday gospel readings, liturgical seasons, art and creativity, prayer practices, and other themes as they relate to quadratos. Our bloggers also share experiences from recent events and news about upcoming programs. Join us with your own comments in the midst of ongoing conversations.

  • Tai Chi


    The Quadratos e-Newsletter is shared via email in advance of each church season. We offer reflections on the gospel passages, ideas for ritual, and other information for personal reflection or communal planning. A simplified newsletter with poetry and short messages will greet you on feast days and special occasions. You may sign up for the e-newsletter or visit our archives by clicking the link above.

  • Celtic Cross

    Prayer Partners

    These individuals support our community by offering a prayer for the mission of quadratos daily. They are also asked to remember our ongoing study groups and quadratos churches as they pray. The PDF shows our prayer partners and the daily prayer for Quadratos. To join, email your name to

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  • Burl Pastors

    Clergy, Communities, & Churches

    Some communities and leaders intentionally seek to use the ideas and rituals of Quadratos in their worship, preaching, and education. We are currently creating a list that shows clergy, communities, and churches who are working with the ideas of Quadratos. If you or your community wish to be listed on this website, please email

Photos in the masthead are by Alan Mathews. Used with permission and our gratitude.