A Heart and Mind Community - Sequence of Six Guides

Use these Six Guides to form a Heart and Mind Community and make The Four-Gospel Journey.  The Guides are intended for use with “Heart and Mind, Second Edition”.  Guides 1-4 are in the store.  Guides 5-6 are coming very soon!

Information Packet

The Information Packet for the Second Edition is a free download designed for all who are considering forming a Heart and Mind Community. The Introduction Packet contains explanatory materials, a sample gathering from a Guide, and other resources.

  • Guide 1
    Preparing Heart and Mind for the Four-Gospel Journey
Heart and Mind 2nd Edition Community Guide 2
  • Guide 2
    Waking and Facing Change: Climbing Matthew’s Great Mountain
Heart and Mind 2nd Edition Community Guide 3
  • Guide 3
    Moving Through Trials: Crossing Mark’s Stormy Sea
Heart and Mind 2nd Edition Community Guide 4
  • Guide 4
    Receiving Gifts: Resting in John’s Glorious Garden

“We just completed Heart and Mind Community Guide 1. We are overwhelmed at how much this journey is meaning to us and how already, it is transforming the way we think and feel about everything.”Julian and Jennie

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