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Heart and Mind

Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation: Second Edition

Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation: Second Edition

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Companion Guides

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Introduction Packet

The Introduction Packet is a free download designed for all who are considering use of a Guide and/or inviting others to form a Heart and Mind Community. The Introduction Packet has 23 pages, containing explanatory materials, a sample gathering from a Guide, and other resources. The free download contains two links. One is to the Introduction Packet itself. The second is to an .mp3 audio file of Alexander speaking about the Guides, how they came to be and their intent.

Companion Guides & Audio Files

Only one Companion Guide need be purchased for a community of 2 to 12 members.

The audio files are mp3 recordings of Alexander discussing each path and its practices as well as reading the Read Aloud passages in that Guide. Each audio file adds depth to that path and practice of the journey, and may be used with or without the Guide. Each audio purchase includes a PDF document with the written text of each Read Aloud passage and a Content’s page for both audio and written text.

Heart and Mind Guide 1
  • Guide 1
    Preparing Heart and Mind for The Journey
Heart and Mind Guide 2
  • Guide 2
    Waking and Facing Change: Climbing Matthew's Great Mountain
Heart and Mind Guide 3
  • Guide 3
    Moving Through Trials: Crossing Mark's Stormy Sea
Heart and Mind Guide 4
  • Guide 4
    Receiving Gifts: Resting in John's Glorious Garden
  • Guide 5
    Maturing Through Service: Walking Luke's Road of Riches
Heart and Mind Guide 6
  • Guide 6
    Practices, Paradigms & Promises

The Hidden Power of the Gospels: Four Questions, Four Paths, One Journey

The Hidden Power of the Gospels: Four Questions, Four Paths, One Journey

"One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2010"
Spirituality & Practice

Video | Interviews

(Out of print)

Praying Anew Series

Here is a fresh expression of Easter, its spirituality and celebration. The prose and poetry speak of today and tomorrow but the strokes are brushed with antiquity, textured with the sensual earth, move to the rhythm of star and cosmos and infused with our dream to be one.

Gateway to Oneness: The 72 Hours of Easter for All Creation

Permit costs are negotiated with Alexander, in relation to type of use, community size and resources.

Gateway to Oneness: The 72 Hours of Easter for All Creation

This complete document includes full prayer text, ritual suggestions, explanatory articles, direct consultation with Alexander and either a one or five year use permit. The Presider, Reader, and Musician - Composite pdfs are set in large type for easy reading during worship.

One Year Use Permit
To use the text in any way, including public worship, please purchase this complete text that comes with copyright permissions. Once an initial use permit has been purchased, a series of pdfs will be manually emailed to the email address of the buyer.

Annual Renewal Permit
Includes 90 minute Skype consult with Alexander. Use permit may be renewed annually each year up to a total of four additional years.

Three Year Use Permit
Includes initial consult (up to 3 hours) with Alexander and an additional hour each of the next two years.

Gateway to Oneness: Easter for Personal Prayer & Reflection

Gateway to Oneness: Easter for Personal Prayer & Reflection

This abridged text of "Gateway to Oneness" is excellent for personal prayer, reflection and study. 106 pages with pictures from Easter 2012/New Zealand.

Selected Prayers from Gateway to Oneness

Selected Prayers from Gateway to Oneness: The 72 Hours of Easter

Purchase of these prayers comes with a permit for duplication and use in worship through the year 2014.

A Sample Easter Prayer

Gateway to Oneness: A Sample Easter Prayer

Download sample prayer: Just past Sunset / At the Threshold Lighting the Easter Fire.


Lenten Reflections: Alexander Reflects on Our Community Retreat

A series of eight reflections upon Lent and its gospel stories as a community retreat in which we pray for deeper Oneness. This is the distinct Lent that prepares us for our Easter/Gateway to Oneness. Your purchase comes with a link to the Mp3 audio and an email notice when the next reflection is available for download.

  1. A Lent for Communal Oneness
  2. Practices for Rich Relating
  3. Nicodemus Mind
  4. The Cross of Our Ancestors
  5. Woman at The Well
  6. Man Born Blind
  7. Raising Lazarus
  8. Matthew's Passion
  9. Which Easter?
  10. The Easter Gospels: Footwashing, John's Passion, The Garden

Audio Course: The Four-Gospel Journey as a Guide for the Spiritual Life

by Alexander J. Shaia, PhD

18 sessions, 25 minutes each, on 7 CDs or mp3. Includes written guide.

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